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How to take a video

Take care when recording your swing to ensure the best results for the online lesson. The better your video quality, the better your analysis will be.

File Type
AVI video format is recommended

Video quality
Shutter speed is the real secret to getting useful video of any high speed motion like a golf swing. Even filming in slow motion you will still get a blurry picture of the golf shaft and hands if you don’t have a camera capable of higher shutter speeds. Most cameras have a sports mode which helps, but often is still not fast enough to do a great job.

When filming golf swings is to try to have good sunlight preferably shining onto the player from behind the camera. Filming at mid-day with the sun directly overhead tends to eliminate these back-lighting problems or shadowing effects.

Camera placement should be on a tripod or some other stationary mount to avoid shaking. The camera height ideally will be about waist-high. For a face view shot, the camera should be perpendicular to the player’s belt buckle – basically dead center of the golfer’s body. Down-the-line shots need a camera mount pointed on a line inline with the players hands at setup

It's important to be remember that you will eventually need to upload this video and/or be able to email it. Video files can be very large so it's best not to have the video camera running for too long. It’s best if you have a friend or assistant who can start and stop the camera for each swing. Ideally 1 or 2 swings maximum per video will be under 30 seconds of video but the shorter the better.